Antique Show Schedule - A Calendar of Upcoming Ontario Antique Shows

The Best Vintage & Antique Show Schedule.

Vintage and antique show calendars are organized by month.  Click for all the best Quebec & Ontario Antique Shows right here, in one place!  The biggest, most comprehensive 2016 Ontario antique show calendar.

April Vintage & Antique Shows Here.

April is a strong month for collectible shows including Automotive, Bottles, Paper, Military, Trains, Toys, Dolls, Sports, Comics & Nostalgia.

Antique shows include Heritage's show and the Elora Vintage & Antique show. Gadsden & Affiliated go head to head with competing Vintage Clothing shows on April 10th in Toronto & Ottawa.

April 2016 Vintage & Antique Show Schedule.

May 2016 Vintage & Antique Show Schedule.

Past Antique Show Calendars:

March 2016 Vintage & Antique Show Schedule.